Volume 44 (2016) / Issue 6/7

Samira Varanasi, Meyyappan Nagappan, 'Financial Budget for 2016–2017: Has India Put Its BEPS Foot Forward?' (2016) 44 Intertax, Issue 6/7, pp. 550–558


This article analyses the first attempt made by the Indian government, through the Finance Budget of 2016–2017, to implement the measures proposed under the OECD / G 20 BEPS Action Plan released on 5 October 2015. It closely examines the Equalization Levy, a unilateral measure that has been taken by the Indian government to address Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) in the digital economy, from an international tax perspective. It also analyses the constitutionality of this levy. Further, it examines issues relating to the legal protection of the confidentiality of information reported under the Country-by-Country Reporting requirements as adopted in India. The impact of other measures, including the newly introduced test of residency for companies and the rationalization of certain tax rates through the Finance Budget of 2016–2017, have also been examined in light of the objectives of the BEPS Action Plan.

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