Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My computer is unable to open any full text documents.

A: Your computer may not know how to read the documents, which are in PDF format. Downloading and installing the free Adobe Reader software should fix this problem.

Q: I am prompted for a password when I try to open full text documents, but I can access the rest of the site without any problem.

A: Bibliographical information, browsing and searching are available free of charge, but a subscription is required for access to full text documents.

Q: I can usually access full text documents without having to enter a password, but for one publication I do get prompted for a password.

A: You probably have a subscription to a subset of our publications rather than to all our titles. You are also probably accessing the documents from your workplace, where you are likely to have access based on IP address recognition. The IP address access ensures that you can get access to the subscribed products without having to enter a password.

Q: The hit list produced by my search shows lots of interesting documents, but I cannot open the full texts.

A: The searches are performed irrespective of the user's subscription access, or lack thereof, to the publication(s). Your search is therefore pointing you to publications that you do not subscribe to.

Q: I can access Kluwer Law Online full text documents from my office PC, but am prompted for a password when I try to do so from home. At the office I am never prompted for a password.

A: Your office has access through IP address recognition. A password is therefore not required to identify you as a subscriber if you use one of the registered office PCs. From home, your PC has a different IP address that is not registered, and therefore our system prompts you for a password. If you work from home regularly, you could arrange for password access alongside your office's IP address access.