BCDR International Arbitration Review

Volume 4 (2017)

'Note from the General Editor', Nassib G. Ziadé, Issue 1, pp. 1–1
'The Unique World of Construction Arbitration: A Middle East Perspective', Richard Harding QC, Issue 1, pp. 3–9
'The Use of Experts in Construction Arbitration in the Middle East', Thomas R. Snider , Laura Adams, Issue 1, pp. 11–41
'Pleadings or Memorials: Which Are More Appropriate for Construction Arbitrations?', Michael Grose, Kristian Cywicki, Issue 1, pp. 43–52
'Construction Arbitration and Standard Forms of Contract in the Middle East: National Culture and Its Impact on Perception and Practice', Aisha Nadar, Issue 1, pp. 53–71
'Specialist Techniques for Construction Dispute Resolution: How Many Ways Can the Cat Be Skinned?', Michael Patchett-Joyce, Issue 1, pp. 73–98
'Liquidated Damages for Delay in the Middle East: Not Etched in Stone', Joseph Chedrawe, Issue 1, pp. 99–111
'Winning Construction Arbitration in the Gulf: Some Strategic Considerations', Adrian Cole, Issue 1, pp. 113–134
'Legal Rules Commonly Applied to Contract Breaches in Construction Arbitrations in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates', Ahmed Fathi Waly, Issue 1, pp. 135–151
'The Law on Global Claims: An Area Ripe for Development in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates', Erin Miller Rankin, Bryan Dayton, Issue 1, pp. 153–170
'Tackling Global Construction Claims in the Middle East', Aarta Alkarimi, Victor P. Leginsky, Issue 1, pp. 171–174
'Disclosure of Documents in Construction and Engineering Arbitrations: Theory, Practice and Strategy', Richard Davies, Issue 1, pp. 175–193
'Resolving Construction Disputes in Times of Crisis: The Theory of Exceptional Circumstances', Ziad Obeid, Issue 1, pp. 195–205
'Variations and the Resolution of Disputes under the FIDIC Red Books', Samantha Kelsey, Christopher Edwards, Philip Punwar, Issue 1, pp. 207–215
'The Confluence of Civil and Common Law (and the Influence of the Shari’a) in Middle East Construction Arbitrations', Tim Taylor QC, Issue 1, pp. 217–243

'Note from the General Editor', Issue 2, pp. 245–247
'Request for Arbitration, Response to the Request, Further Written Statements and Summary Procedure', Antonio R. Parra, Issue 2, pp. 249–259
'Expedited Procedure', Mark W. Friedman, Issue 2, pp. 261–281
'Appointment and Challenge of Arbitrators', Sophie Nappert, Issue 2, pp. 283–296
'Interim and Emergency Measures of Protection', Emmanuel Gaillard, Issue 2, pp. 297–321
'Truncated Tribunals', Ismail Selim, Georges Ghali, Issue 2, pp. 323–335
'Conduct of the Proceedings', Adrian Winstanley, Issue 2, pp. 337–345
'Place of the Arbitration, Jurisdiction and Applicable Law: Support for Bahrain’s Free Arbitration Zone and Current Best Practices', John M. Townsend, Alexander Bedrosyan, Issue 2, pp. 347–356
'Party Representation: Does Article 21 Mark a Trend?', James E. Castello, Issue 2, pp. 357–415
'Rules of Arbitration of the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution, effective 1 October 2017', Issue 2, pp. 377–415
'Règlement d’arbitrage de la Chambre de Bahreïn pour le règlement des différends, en vigueur à partir du 1er octobre 2017', Issue 2, pp. 417–456

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